1. Help Desk - ticketing Portal

The help desk - ticketing portal can be found at the following address:









2. Account register

To create an account, press the SIGN UP button.





On the next page request the data to create a new account (full name, email).






Once you have filled in the data, press the Register button.


An email will arrive to the indicated address with a link for account activation and password creation:





After entering a valid password, the account is registered and ready to use.








3. Open a ticket

To open a ticket, access the portal with a registered account and click on New Support Ticket.











Fill in the fields:

  • Your e-mail: Email to receive the answer.
  • Subject: Ticket subject.
  • Description: Ticket description.


It also allows you to attach files with the option attach file.


Finally, click on Submit to send the ticket.











4. Check the status of a ticket 

Once the ticket is created, to see its status, we go to the tickets tab.





In this tab we will see all the tickets opened with the logged in account.




On the right side, it indicates the status of the ticket. In the example it is in Starting Progress.


By clicking on the name of the ticket, you can access its details where it will be possible to view the analysis thread or respond if necessary.



5. Knowledge base

In this section of the ticketing portal, it is possible to find support material. For this we will go to the Solutions tab.





To access the materials, just click on the link to them. It is also possible to search by keywords.